Collaborative Project Teams Grades 4 & 5 and Grade 3 joined the team for two weeks!
Using Project Planning sheets, the project is broken down into smaller parts.
Each day students assess the work to be done based on the progress of the project. They set dailey goals that they beleive can be accomplished in one class period and then record if they were able to accomplish the goal or if the next class will need to complete these steps.

Flexibility, Perserverance and Collaboration pay off!
Check out our completed plow painted for the City of Dublin. just in the nick of time for our November 13th deadline. On snow days students can look for their plow coming down the streets of Dublin.
Starting again... this time we know what we need to do and can move quickly through the process. The rain days made this challenging though so we helped out the Eagle Sculpture group with their stepping stones a few days.

Third Grade helps sand the plow blade to speed up the process and help reach the November 13th deadline.

Lessons learned. . .
  • using poor quality primer did not save us anything in the end
  • the primer was pealing off the surface of the plow and taking our paint with it
  • flexibility, perserverance and collaboration were needed to strip down the plow and begin again with a different base coat
The planning process with 8 or 9 students in 8 different 4th and 5th grade classroom required us to communicate our ideas clearly.
Flexibility and problem solving has become essential to our process:
  • We used planning sheets and one minute videos to communicate our best ideas to the students on the other 7 teams we were working with.
  • We tried using accordian books to communicate how we wanted to show our topics and ideas and they became so big it was hard to find the information.
  • We tried recording quick videos at the end of each class to update everyone on what we accomplished but we did not always clean up quickly enough to have time to record our video.
  • We broke our projects down into smaller parts and set daily goals then marked off what we accomplished and then stapled our daily plan to the top of each stack. This helped.