Welcome to Grade 5 Art
Fifth Grade Artwork for Winter Program Work In Progress!
Want to see some incredible PROBLEM SOLVING? Fifth Grade is using the artistic process to envision their favorite song from the Winter Music Program and creating it visually. Look carefully for evidence of all of our Thinking Habits at work. These 5th Grades students have developed the skills and confidence to work through this process and create artwork using their hands, head and heart.
Habits and Art Process.001.jpg
Asking Questions, ThinkFlexibily, Collaboration,Perservere, Create & Innovate!
Communicating Ideas with Confidence will be highly evident the night of the music program with their Artwork displayed along with their Artist Statements conveying their Ideas, Process and Evaluation of their final piece of art.

For Current Grade 4 and 5 artwork See Collaborative Groups:

3 projects.001.jpg All students have self selected into one of three Authentic Collaborative Group Projects

Art Portfolios: