Collaborative Project Teams Grades 4 & 5
Using Project Planning sheets, the project is broken down into smaller parts.
Each day students assess the work to be done based on the progress of the project. They set dailey goals that they beleive can be accomplished in one class period and then record if they were able to accomplish the goal or if the next class will need to complete these steps.

Stepping Stone Process requires application of skills from many disciplines:
  • The molds are coated with vasaline and the contact paper with the glass pieces are placed inside the molds.
  • Mixing cement safely requires the use of gloves to protect our hands as well as wearing safety goggles and masks.
  • Measurement skills are necessary to mix the cement properly.
  • Each stepping stone requires learning to measure 40 oz. of cement (dry measurement) and 12 oz. of water (liquid measurment).
  • After pouring the cement over the glass then we need to tap the table causing vibrations so that the air bubbles in the cement rise to the top.
  • The stepping stone cement sets up for 24 hours.
  • The stones are turned upside down and removed from the mold.
  • The contact paper is removed.
  • Safety equipment is worn while scraping away any extra cement from the top of the glass.
Cutting glass and arranging the glass like a Mosaic to spell out our selected words on the stepping stones. "Power of One Makes a Difference". Color schemes were selected so that analogonous colors are used throughout.

Cutting contact paper for the inside of each stepping stone mold and making paper templates to show the color of glass and where to place the glass. Figuring out how many stepping stones were needed required application of many math skills.
Our 5th grade students checked their equations for accuracy as a class during math block.
Questions included:
  • How big should the circumference of the Eagle Sculpture garden be?
  • How big are the stepping stones?
  • How many stepping stones are needed to make the circle the desired size?
  • What will be put on the stepping stones?
  • Are there enough stones for what we want to write?
  • Should we increase the circumference of the circle to accomidate the entire phrase we selected?

The steel sculpture of our Eagle needed to be finished painting. We started this last year but did not finish the details.
Our resources included using many photos of real eagles and trying to match the colors.

The planning process with 8 or 9 students in 8 different 4th and 5th grade classroom required us to communicate our ideas clearly.
Flexibility and problem solving has become essential to our process:
  • We used planning sheets and one minute videos to communicate our best ideas to the students on the other 7 teams we were working with.
  • We tried using accordian books to communicate how we wanted to show our topics and ideas and they became so big it was hard to find the information.
  • We tried recording quick videos at the end of each class to update everyone on what we accomplished but we did not always clean up quickly enough to have time to record our video.
  • We broke our projects down into smaller parts and set daily goals then marked off what we accomplished and then stapled our daily plan to the top of each stack. This helped.